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Monday, January 2, 2012

UNT Art in Public Places Artist Registry

    The University of North Texas initiated the Art in Public Places Program two years ago. In support of the program we have now created an Artist Registry at http://art.unt.edu/forms/appp-registration. Artists (or their representatives) may join the registry at anytime. Once an account is established, artworks and other information may be updated as necessary.

    This is an exciting new opportunity for the campus and for artists in our region and throughout the world. We hope, over time, to transform the campus with the creation of iconic spaces and the placement of contemporary works that will enhance the learning and working environments within the buildings and outside. At present, we are working on two immediate projects which have budgets of $15,000 to $30,000 for purchase of works for the Willis Library and Discovery Park, the science and engineering park operated by the university. Another project upcoming in the next year is Sage Hall, which will have a budget of $20,000. We anticipate projects in the $100,000 - $300,000 range with in 2012-2103 as new buildings come on line. Through a separate program our new Business Leadership Building has a budget this year of $100,000 for art as well. In the coming years, projects in the $500,000+ range are anticipated.

    We would like to work with you and artists you know in the most convenient and fair way possible, so we are asking for your help in reaching out to artists whose work would be appropriate for these commissions and purchases. We will be using the registry as our primary source for selecting works and will also be sending out specific calls for applications for projects. Our selection process will include a small committee of three people (including a member of our APP committee, an arts professional in the region, and an artist from the area) who will select the artists from the registry whose works will be reviewed for a specific project. The final selection will be made by a panel from the building in which the work will be installed, with a liaison from the selection committee. Hopefully, it will be an expeditious process that, overtime, will select contemporary works from now into the future.

    Please help us enrich the cultural resources of our campus and community. The UNT Art Collection includes currently over 60 documented works featured on the ArtPath map of the campus.

    If you have questions or suggestions please contact me at milnes@unt.edu.